Dean is a New Jersey born and based Musician who is releasing his debut solo album called “Life Lessons” at . Through out the years he has played for (most recent) Children of October (bass, 2016-current), The Independents (bass, 2015), Black Cat Attack (fill in for Dave Baksh of Sum 41)(lead guitar, 2015), Darrow Chemical Company (members of Gotham Rd and Michale Graves) (rhythm and lead guitar, 2013-2015) and Darkness Descends (lead 7 & 8 string guitar, 2011-current). Along side playing in these bands, he has also been a stage tech and professional driver for some of these bands as well as Michale Graves (ex-Misfits singer). Dean is also an ASCAP member and has written and performed solos for groups such as The D.R.A.F (featuring Retro Glam on the single “What I Do”. He is a lover of his passion and will do it for the rest of his life, he decrees. He was also a Guitar and a Performance instructor at the Waldwick School of rock for nearly 6 years, (2011 -2016) now he does private lessons due to his tour schedule.

Since the age of 13 years old, the absolute interest of every single aspect of guitar has commanded Dean’s every thought, so customizing, building and modifying all products was a natural progression. Currently Dean is working along side Plan 916 Custom Guitars and Pickups on some prototype ideas on various ranges, including his own 6-7-8 string guitar pickups. The current release is his signature set of dual humbucker pickups, justly deemed “The Miner Set”, available in 6-7-8 string on, after the mascot character representing the solo project. Each guitar in the arsenal is hand wired, modified and often painted to represent the attitude deserved for every AX, all with their own names, usually a number representation. Sometimes he can seem like a mad scientist/electrician of sorts when you look at the complexities, yet neatly displayed, “live rig” that accompanies him when he's busy slaying the faces of those in attendance. Dean also works with Mental Cases INC with which he has a custom dual guitar head case so he can blend his tones to complete perfection and diversity. There have been over 100+ pedals in and out of his rigs, and upwards of 90 guitars that have crossed his path, some still around, some taken apart in the name of his educational inquisition, some traded for current gear, some lost to the hands of time, one thing is for certain though, he has loved experiencing it all in every way.

Dean, the band, is scheduled to start playing out live in the beginning months of 2017 on a 6 major city start. Along with that will be the release of an extensive merchandise line consisting of products from guitar pickups, to skateboards and more!!! Also there will be “old school” tour videos and lyric videos for the new crowd added to the YouTube channel to show the world that he is here to stay and the band will surely become a staple in the music industry, because Love for Music is overall and the thought of doing anything else is purely unfathomable.

“When i was 13, I got my first guitar and from that moment on, I knew this was what I was destined to do this forever.” - Dean

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