Mutant Monster

Formed in 2008 by sisters BE and MEANA during their high school, later to be joined by drummer CHAD in 2012, MUTANT MONSTER found inspiration from the punk rock sounds, with bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones influencing the band’s creation.also Elvis Presley etc...

In 2016 MM girls were invited to perform at Japan Expo Sud in Marseille, France, MM girls first ever overseas performance. Last year they made their way to the UK for the first time with shows in Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, London, and Brighton 2017 MM girls went to Taiwan for touring that's included "SPRING SCREAM 2017" and "2017 NO FEAR FESTIVAL". 

MUTANT MONSTER definitely will be spread all of the world with MMfamily. If we do nothing,"NO FUTURE" will come, that's why MM girls are fighting for the future!!!

  • Wild Bass & Vocal: BE
  • Sweet Drums & Chorus: CHAD
  • Rude Guitar & Vocal: MEANA

Mots-clés: Featured Band, Groupe Affilié, Groupe International

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