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Mutant Monster

Formed in 2008 by sisters BE and MEANA during their high school, later to be joined by drummer CHAD in 2012, MUTANT MONSTER found inspiration from the punk rock sounds, with bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones influencing the band’s creation.also Elvis Presley etc...

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Dead Wake is a NYC-based progressive metal outfit blending the sounds of classic and contemporary metal and hard rock against a backdrop of modern cinematic and hybrid-orchestral elements.

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Début 2009, Ghislain Henry et Justine Daaé, respectivement bassiste et chanteuse, fondent le groupe Elyose, formation dite de "metal" qui, dès sa création, s'aventurera à y mêler diverses influences a priori pourtant peu compatibles sur le papier (classique, électronique, dance, indus, techno, trance…).

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Deadly Vipers

Deadly Vipers est originaire du sud de la France (Perpignan). Le groupe distille sa musique puissante et énergique, entre Stoner Rock et Heavy Fuzz Rock depuis 2011.

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From hell they came… 40 years ago in a small town in New Jersey called Lodi. It was there, at the dawn of the punk movement in April 1977, that the Misfits were born.

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